Stopping Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is unsafe for every single American. Mass migration, especially along the U.S. southern border, has caused significant abuses of the U.S. asylum process and must be immediately reformed by Congress. Alia Ureste commits to working in Congress to change asylum policies and make America and her citizens safe again from threats and actual adverse realities. We need to ensure our Border Patrol has the latest technology to detect, deter, and defend against illegal immigration.

Preserving Our Second Amendment Rights

Gun rights are Human Rights. Bearing all types of arms is an inalienable constitutional right of every law-abiding American. Until the time world peace comes, Americans cannot and should not lay down their means to defend themselves. Alia Ureste will work in Congress to repeal every law or prevent the passage of any law which unjustly punishes law-abiding citizens from bearing any arms for self-defense and the defense of a free state.

Protecting Life

Alia is a stronger defender of life, including the lives of the unborn. It’s time we call abortion for what it is: a form of mass population control targeted towards minorities, which as a result, generations upon generations of Americans are forever missing. Life begins at conception, and Alia opposes the use of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger.

Defending our U.S. President

Alia Ureste pledges to support and work with President Donald J. Trump and members of his administration, who are wholeheartedly committed to his success with U.S. domestic and international policies, in Keeping America Great. Alia Ureste commits to holding the Deep State accountable for their attempted coup on President Trump.

Supporting Our Greatest Ally

Federal funding provided to the State of Israel is provided through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which requires Israel to re-invest their funding in American companies. If Congress were ever to de-fund Israel, then American companies, who indirectly benefit from the U.S.-Israel M.O.U., would suffer job losses, halt growth on multi-levels or completely cease to exist. Alia Ureste commits to sustaining the continued growth of these American companies, which develop our national security, defense weapons, high-tech, IT, and medical industry systems, among many others, by preserving the symbiotic relationship created by the U.S.-Israel Alliance in Congress.