I know her to be a highly sensitive, caring individual who exudes positive energy and who stands for truth. She is an original and innovative thinker with a great commitment to America and its citizens. Hers is a powerful, clear-thinking voice
that speaks with passion, clarity, and sincerity. She possesses the twin qualities of faith and vision. I am convinced that she has a great deal to offer the American people and that the fruit of her unique creativity will continue to have a positive impact on the quality and security of the State of Texas and that of every American citizen.

Rabbi Chaim Richman

Director, Jerusalem Lights

This letter is to endorse in the strongest of terms Ms Alia Garcia-Ureste to represent the Texas 23rd district in the United States Congress. Ms. Garcia-Ureste was an active member of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission during my term as Chairman. Her thoughtful comments and active participation helped to make the commission during my term the most active
and successful Holocaust and Genocide Commission in the United States.

I have also had multiple conversations with her. I have found Ms. Garcia-Ureste to be a person who not only will be an ally of President Trump and a person who shares his vision, but also a person who cares about others and is willing to fight to make America a better place for all of its citizens. I cannot endorse Ms. Garcia-Ureste in strong enough terms. She will serve not only her district but make America great for its citizens and proud of her.

Dr. Peter Tarlow, PhD

Former Chairman of the Texas Holocaust & Genocide Commission and Gubernatorial Appointee and Advisory Council Cabinet Member of Texas Governor Greg Abbott

“Of course I endorse you (Alia Ureste) for Congress!”

Sichan Siv

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (Retired), Appointed by (both) former President Bush, Thursday, 02-13-2020